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In this revolutionizing internet era, everything has changed especially the way we travel and explore new destinations. With the emerging technology, it can be rightly said that “The world is moving fast”. That is, people are exploring and travelling even more than ever, says the report submitted by – World Tourism Organization. It is estimated that by the year 2030 more than 8.5 billion people will take a vacation to approx., 2 billion international destinations. This is because the tourism industry is constantly transforming and enhancing in itself in many ways right from sustainability to technology.


Unlike the older days of travelling with family, when massive suitcases were being dragged from taxis to the platforms, large tiffin boxes that used to brim with sufficient food to feed each member, huge bags of gifts for cousins and family members coming to see you off at the station for long holidays; today, long weekends is like opening a travel app on your mobile, deciding where to go, booking flights and hotels for the same and that’s it. You are all set for your holidays.


Hence, technology is undoubtedly changing the face of travel and in fact, it is making it much easier than older days. In this infographic blog post, you will learn about how the internet is influencing the way of travelling and how it is making holiday booking simple and easy.


Take a look at the following infographic and its detailed description given below, to know the revolutionizing impact of technology and the internet on travel!


1- When travelers plan their vacation?

Social media is the biggest influencer as about 52% of the travelers or explorers plan their holidays seeing their friends or relatives travel updates on various social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Not just this, travelers or holidaymakers even modify their pre-planned vacation plans reviewing other travel plans on other websites.

Holiday-goers in the digitally advanced era seek information from social media or get inspired by their friends and relative’s posts and then desire to explore the destination. It is seen that out of every five holidaymakers three seek inspiration from the social media while researching.

Holiday goers usually research about –

  • Destinations – 27%
  • Vacation activities – 22%
  • Restaurants – 17%
  • Attractions – 21%
  • Hotels – 23%

Moreover, they also seek various offers and deal that their friends or relatives have used to get such an enjoyable and relaxing getaway online. Being the most trusted accommodation booking platforms, is always in the top position in the list of best hotel booking platforms online.


2- Commitment Towards Travelling

With technologically advanced internet era, travelling is made less time consuming and eco-friendly, unlike the older days, you don’t have to print airline tickets, hotel reservation slip or boarding passes to start your journey. The process of printing tickets and bills has switched to online reservations, e-tickets, mobile check-ins and so on. Moreover, the online bookings or reservations have made travelling time-savings as you no longer had to wait in line to buy a ticket or a holiday package at the nearest travel agent.


Today, instead of lining up for tickets on bus or railway station or airport; or walk up to the tour operator to ask about your travel queries, you just need to get a mobile app or sign-in to a travel website, look for various deals, choose the desired option and make payment. It is this simple!


According to the Travel Trends Report 2019 of Trekksoft, it is inspected that about 66.7% of travel bookings are done online, while just 24.3% prefer using a travel agency.


3- Flight Services 

As you know booking flights to travel to your favorite destination is not an easy task to do especially if you choose the offline mode. But with today’s online flight reservation system you don’t have to wait for long hours and you can grab best offers in just a few clicks.


For flight booking, there are so many aspects to look out – dates, price, time, airline, fare class and so on. And online flight booking has made all these easy and convenient. Agoda is the two most trusted travel websites where you can find amazing flight deals and offers by using Agoda Promo Code.


Besides convenience and flexibility, flight services include further liability that attracts most of the travellers around the world. Following flight services provided by the online reservation platforms –

  • 43% of flights offer Wi-Fi facility
  • 71% of passengers get to access PEDS in the flight
  • 50% of passengers enjoy high-speed internet

4- Share Posts On Social Media

“Today Everything Exists To End In A Photograph,” says –Susan Sontag. Today, travelers mostly click attractive pictures, just to post on social media website – Instagram. Hence, Instagram is the most suitable and favorite social media site where most of the travellers post travel stories and share their experience with others. And people get influenced by travel posts on this social media website. It is seen that about 23% of travel posts are more engaging and travelers or holidaymakers get influenced by the posts online.


According to a report, Instagram is the most preferred social media platform for sharing travel diaries and around 346 million people post their travel dairies on this social media’s account using #travel. While on the trip, travelers share their travel pictures on Instagram and other websites that inspires others to take a vacation to that location. Not just this, most of the globetrotters also gets inspired by the amazing deals and incentives that their friends or loved ones enjoyed while they were on vacation to someplace.


So, these are some impacts that the internet has on travelling and people do get influenced by the travel diaries, posts, stories and hashtags on social media websites. Note that, among all the social media sites, Instagram is the most influential and inspiring platform to attract and inspire globetrotters or travelers with beautiful travel memories, videos, pictures, and stories.


So, hopefully, by now, you are aware of how the internet has influenced that way of travelling and taking vacations.